Art Marketing Salon

Two of my good friends and fellow artists formed an art marketing salon
or community using Alyson Stanfield's Art Biz Connection
materials.  Alyson graciously provides these materials free of
charge at  What we have learned in
the first two meetings has been amazing. 

Christine Reilly of is a gifted bead kit
designer and has a great wholesale business  Lois Armstrong of is a multitalented artist who does
watercolor, oil, & scrimshaw.  Her painted leaves have
been  very popular.  I'm a tradtional oil
artist, so we have a lot in common, but also have varied markets.

We are all serious about marketing our art.  We are at the same stage in
our lives and we are commited to encouraging and supporting each other
in ourendeavors.  We have learned 3 heads really are better than

The photo shows left to right: Lois, Christine and me, Marie.


3 Responses to Art Marketing Salon

Laura K Aiken
via web
I look forward to reading more about your salon. I am a ArtBiz groupie too. Alyson does great work and shares so much information. She really helps me stay on track (as much as I can) :)
Much Luck

Julie Ann Shahin
via web
Hi, I saw your blog in Alyson's newsletter. Good luck to all of you. I am operating two Salons for professional scrapbookers myself. I hope you all find the success you are after.

Tracy L. Teeter
via web
Ulysses, KS - We are a group of approx. 10 artists with varied mediums starting our 2nd year with Alyson. We've learned amazing things and have placed into effect most of her suggestions. Now we are expanding with more artists joining us this year. Good luck with all your endeavors.
Tracy L. Teeter

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